Puppies · Upbringing of our White Shepherd puppies

Our puppies are born in a big litter basket in our living rooms. This way the bitch and her puppies can take part of our family life and at the same time get the peace and silence they need. The puppies can slowly discover the living area. They are getting used to the normal sounds of family life such as the dish washer, the vacuum cleaner, children, music and other sounds and noises in their environment. From week 4 onwards the puppies are allowed outside in the garden, where they will find safe running space and many toys. Here they will grow up jauntily while their mother can keep a close eye on them. Slowly they will get to know the other dogs and life in the pack.



All members of our pack of White Shepherd dogs are involved in the upbringing of the puppies. In this way the puppies are shaped by dogs and humans equally. The puppies are taken out for walks separately so that they can get used to the environment (cars, sounds of the city, joggers, bicycles etc.). We bring single or small groups of puppies in the car and show them busy shopping streets, the park, big squares etc. so that they are familiarised with these environments. We often engage each puppy into activities separate from their siblings. After 8 to 9 weeks we give the puppies away so that they can settle down in their new homes. We will always be available to be contacted by the new dog owners to give them advise whenever they need it - you won't be left all alone if you need help with your new little White Shepherd.

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