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Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd Dog) is a Swiss dog breed that is now recognized by the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale). In the 1930s the White Shepherds disappeared all around Europe because the white colour was no longer compatible with the breeding standards of German Shepherd Dogs (Alsatians). White Shepherds were further bred in the USA and in Canada until they formed their own breed.
In the 1970s some White Shepherds where imported into Switzerland were they were further bred. Blood replacement in the breed was ensured by further imports from the USA and Canada. The character and the anatomy of the White Shepherds is now very distinct from that of the German Shepherd. This lead to the official recognition of the distinct breed White Swiss Shepherd Dog or Berger Blanc Suisse in 1991 in Switzerland. Although the breed has over time spread throughout Europe, the White Shepherd is still a patron of Switzerland today.

Weisser Schäferhund  
Weisser Schäferhund Weisser Schäferhund

The White Shepherd as the ideal family dog

The White Shepherd is intelligent, attentive, loyal, watchful, alert and friendly with children. The breed is eager to learn and thus easy to train. The White Shepherd is very social and won't cause any trouble with other dogs or pets. But like all good sheep dogs, White Shepherd Dogs need exercise and challenges - they are ideally suited for all kinds of dog sports. White Shepherds are also often used as blind dogs, guard dogs and rescue dogs.

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