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There have always been dogs in our family. After owning a German Shepherd and a Newfoundlander we were looking for a new dog. By chance we heard about a dog breeder that wanted to sell a six-year-old White Shepherd Dog. Andy, the male with a beautiful white double coat of medium lenghth straight hair, was well trained and of friendly character. Our first White Shepherd moved in and he was a reliable companion right from the start.

We were impressed by the breed of the White Swiss Shepherd Dogs. Our next dog was Aura vom weißen Stern (Lady) and a year later we bought our first White Shepherd puppy, Donna Angel from the Bozener Hof. Our first own puppies were born in March 1999, one male dog and two bitches - and this is how our breeding of White Swiss Shepherd Dogs started.

White Swiss Shepherd
Centurio - stud dog Amigo - male dog
Bodyguard - stud dog Obi - male dog
Shakira - bitch Ashanti - bitch
Diva - bitch Tara - bitch

Our pack today

From the first litter we kept the dog Amigo - Boss of White Energy, who is still living with us today. Today we own eight excellent White Shepherds. Each one of them is special and unique.

By clicking on the pictures above you can get more information about each White Shepherd Dog, a list of awards and their pedigree:
Amigo – Boss of White Energy
Victories Bodyguard of Haely´s Future (Bodyguard) our stud dog from Holland
Centurio of White Energy (Centurio) – our stud dog from our own breed
Surefire Obi-Wan Kinobi (Obi) – fresh blood from America
Unique Shakira of White Condor (Shakira) – we bought this bitch in Austria
Ashanti of White Energy – bitch from our own breed
Kessy of White Friends, genannt Tara – we bought this bitch 2008
Diva of White Energy - bitch from our own breed

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